τίκτω _`{`tίkto`}` : (λόγ.) γεννώ1_α _`{`to give birth`}`.

Summertime has a new identity and it’s called TIKTO.

The idea came from a passionate dream: To combine traditional techniques with contemporary design so that women look & feel at their best.

The verb ΤΙΚΤΟ contains the timeless tendency for creativity, newness and delightful surprise elements.

This is exactly the result reinforced by feelings, images and treasured moments one can experience under the Greek sun and the sky’s vibrant colors that illuminate the beauties of islands and coastlines.

TIKTO is targeted to women who want to feel comfortable, invest on high quality materials and want to put few but versatile items in their holiday bags that can be worn at all times. Women who are self-confident, seek what’s different and want to stand out!

TIKTO aims to be established as the favorite summer brand and the collection will be enriched each year with new patterns and designs. We aim to create the “TIKTO Total Summer Look!” … and new surprises are yet to come!

TIKTO supports Slow Fashion, focuses on sustainability & is a totally ethically Made in Greece brand.


Chase the sun & live the moment!

With lots of Love


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